Rose & Thorn Rituals Story

Botanical Healing

nurturing peace from the earth

Finding my way home

"The wild Nootka Rose became an ally for my own healing as I experienced its power in generating an open heart space so I could move forward from the traumas of my life journey."

Shannon Price

Founder & Alchemist | Rose & Thorn Rituals

small batch
Wild Harvested

Welcome to my Apothecary of intentionally curated and alchemically crafted self-care and ritual products.

Each product has a story and is thoughtfully prepared to create a symphony of benefits from a harmony of ingredients.

Learn more about each product as you shop our collections.

The Power of the rose

The rose has the highest frequency of vibration, measuring at 528MHz. The human heart shares this same frequency.

Rose tinctures became a healing modality for my emotional heart and I found power in the natural pharmacy that existed all around me.

These natural medicines ritualized the experience of coming back to myself - through self-care.

And so Rose & Thorn Rituals was created from my affinity for nature, from listening to the plants to hear the messages and stories they wanted to share.

That intention is delivered through the ritualistic process I take while creating each small batch.

I am honoured to share these products with you.

Welcome to Rose & Thorn Rituals.

Shannon Price

Every rose has a thorn

The thorn of a rose serves as the protector - a means of survival from natural threats.

The thorn was the medicine that taught me the importance of healthy boundaries and this symbolism reflects the foundation of how Rose & Thorn Rituals came to life.

The Process

Each product is ethically sourced and 100% natural. Each ingredient is either wild harvested, grown in my apothecary garden or sourced from organic producers.

Each product is filled with prayer, intention, is vibrationally tuned to 528MHz and includes gemstones or minerals to enhance its healing characteristics.

Rose & Thorn Rituals is designed to provide you with essential luxury during self-care ritual.

Please Enjoy.